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Retrieve eligibility and benefit data for most
commercial payers and Medicaid

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NEW! All Payer
Eligibility Verification

View copay, coinsurance, deductible, limitations, prescription
and physician information in real-time

Verify eligibility through an intuitive interface with
coverage status indicators

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firstCONNECT Medicare Connectivity

Convenient and easy to use, with no hardware to install, firstCONNECT gives your Hospice the access you need to successfully automate the DDE process. At the click of a button you can have a real-time, high-speed Medicare connection so you can easily view your claims and verify patient eligibility. With firstCONNECT, you will have:

CMS-Approved DDE Connection

  • Quick and easy access to view and modify submitted claims data on the CMS terminal

Batch File Transfer

  • Securely transfer HIPAA-compliant 837 claim files to your MAC and retrieve response files such as 835, 999 and 277CA

Real-Time Medicare Eligibility Verification

  • Retrieve the Medicare eligibility status of your patients quickly and easily through HETS technology, receiving response files in a downloadable report